About Ethan’s Heart Photography

Jheri Scott – Photographer

Ethan’s Heart photography is an expression of the heart of a little boy. There are moments in our lives come and go, sometimes without a second glance..then there are those moments when you find yourself, lost in them, reminding your heart to hold onto them tighter, for this moment may truley never come again. That smile, that sneaks up on his face, and warms the very air around you–or that look of bewilderment when she discovers something that she has never seen before–or the crease that forms just under their little nose when they giggle…. these are the moments. It was these moments that came flooding back, as if time stood still for photographer Jheri Scott when she began her business, Ethan’s Heart Photography. After the unexpected loss of her youngest son, three year old Ethan, that the realization that those moments, in her heart and through the lens of her camera were really what she had left of him. There would be no more of those moments with him to share, here, and so she made it her passion to capture those moments for others, to have in the time after the moments have passed, and the time is gone. There will still be that photograph, a reminder to have and hold close of the moment. There are gaze between couples together for 60 years, that have brought us all a little closer, or the look on a grooms face, and the tears that fill his eyes and he catches a glimpse for the first time of his future in the face of his bride. The instant a new mama sees the little lips of her baby, that remind her of her Daddy and the little crinkle in the ear like Grandpa’s. The hands of a Grandma as she cradles her grand baby, that has just changed the way she will see life from that moment on, these are the moments, the memories and the images we capture and preserve forever, we are Ethan’s Heart Photography.